Armed Robber Robbs VIP Bus and escape secretly

Information reaching elohaionline.com has confirmed that a VIP bus which was traveling from Accra to Yendi has been robbed at Linder Doo in the Eastern Region.

Reports from an eye witness confirms that, the. bus arrived at Linder  Door safely and the driver parked for the passengers to alight to eat, use the wash room or walk around to release some stress as usuall.

Few minutes after all the passengers came back, that was when some of the passengers realized have been stolen.

The case was reported at the Bunsu Police Station and the police quickly came around to conduct a severe check.

After the check, it was found that one of the passengers was not part of them anymore. It was then that they realized that, they all alighted from the bus leaving one tall gentle man in the car.

So it it clear that he is suspected to be the one who has masterminded a plan that has made him able to robb the VIP passengers.

The things, that has been stolen from the passengers are small items that are portal and can be carried along with or without been seen.

Some of these items include, cell phones, laptops, ladies hand bags with money, wallets and many more.

Because of the incidence, they couldn’t continue the journey, the VIP transport service has decided to compensate everyone who has lost an item through this robbery.

We must be very careful when traveling or when in the midst of people because some people may look innocent physically but unscrupulous within.






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