Men Cheat Most But Women Are Skillful Cheaters In Marriage And Relationships

Men Cheat Most But Women Are Skillful Cheaters In Marriage And Relationships.

The question about finding the most cheaters among men and women in a relationship has always been a difficult answer but Counselor D.Y Donkoh has expressed his view to make it answered in a simple note.

Speaking on KOFI TV on Friday, April 30, 2021, the Counselor and Leader of the Royal Believers Ministry revealed that, men cheats most in a relationship or marriage but women are skill full cheats.

According to the counselor, immediately a man starts cheating in a relationship, he will start to demonstrate some certain kind of strange attitude which will make you supect or figure out that he is cheating.

Many men who cheats in a relationship or marriage may hide their phones from their partners, others may not be able to get ample time for their partners.

A lot of men who cheats in a relationship or marriage will not take good care of their home like how they used to be, they may return from work very late, desist to do their manly responsibilities in bed with their wives sometimes and many more.

All these characters and attitude from a husband or boyfriend will let you the lady figure out or get a clue that your husband or boyfriend might be cheating.

But ladies in the other hand is very different. According to Counselor D.Y Donkoh, ladies are skill cheaters and therefore it is very difficult to figure them out when they are cheating.

Ladies might pamper you, cook for your, perform their women duties in bed with you, infact they may do everything alright in marriage go a husband to thinks there’s nothing wrong they are doing but mean while they will be cheating.

A lady cheating in a relationship or marriage can be so bold to introduce the man which she is cheating with to the husband.

She will just say ” oh darling meet Qwasin the handsome guy who supplies me the goods, and the two guys who are unknown rivals will say hi to the other.

A lady cheating in relationship can be married and still be having an affair with the Ex guy or someone else while being nice to the husband, making it very difficult for the husband to smell something fishy.

Cherished readers this is the opinion of Counselor D.Y Donkor, what is your opinion too… Keep the comments coming.


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