Sawer L/A Primary School Students Are forced To Learn In Classroom With Damaged Roofing

The students ofSawer L/A Primary School Students Are forced To Learn In Classroom With Damaged Roofing.

Sawer L/A Primary School in Somanya in the Yolo Krobo District are forced to learn in a classroom with damaged roofing which is very disheartening.

According to sources their school building was unroofed by a strong storm during a heavy downpour on Friday evening which was exactly two weeks before the lockdown in April, 2021.

After the rainstorm destroyed the school building, the authorities consoled and promised the students, teachers and the whole community that they will rebuild everything that the rain has destroyed before the reopen of the lockdown but till now nothing is done.

So when the student reopened, the teachers and students had no option than continue to study in that damaged classroom since November, 2021.

The PTA Chairman, Mr. Klomanya George spoke to the media on how he has personally been affected by this issue.

“I am not happy with the condition of the classrooms tat which the students study.

It is very dangerous for a person to study in that building because it has gotten several¬† cracks in the wall which is a sign that the wall may broke them very soon.”¬† – Mr Klomanya

The PTA Chairman concluded by pleading with authorities, individuals. institutions and Non Governmental Organizations to come to their aid.

Reports also tells that, parents who are scared of the whole situation has enrolled their ward in different.

It is soon sad to see very young children who are in Creche or Nursery studying and being scorched by the sun at the same time since there is no roof on top of them.



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