My Son Has Brought A Girl Home Already – Kidi’s Mum Reveals Son’s Relationship Status

My Son Has Brought A Girl Home Already – Kidi’s Mum Reveals Son’s Relationship Status.

Mrs. Beatrice Thompson, the proud mother of Ghanaian Highlife artist Nana Dwamena, also known as Kidi has revealed that her son has brought a lady home already to be introduced as his fiancee.

Speaking on phone with Abeiku Aggrey Santana on Okay FM concerning this year’s mother day on Saturday, May 8, 2021, Mrs. Thompson revealed that his has been a music lover since childhood.

She also confirmed that, she will never force Kidi to marry because he gas become famous.

“Marriage is not about being popular or having money, marriage is a matter of being ready and matured in both the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspect of life.” – Mrs Thompson stated.

Considering her statement, she made it clear that she would never force her son, Kidi, to marry until he is ready in all aspect to make a home.

Kiri and his mum (Mrs Beatrice Thompson)

After making all this statement, Abeiku Santana asked Kidi’s mother about an old picture of Kidi and TV3’s News Anchor Anita Akuffo which went viral on social media several months ago.

Mrs. Beatrice Thompson explained that, Anita Akuffo of TV3 never visited their house during those days and she believes that picture was snapped out of an old school days funfair.

She also made a statement that, she can boldly confirm to the general public that her son is not having an affair with Anita Akuffo of TV3 because her son has brought a lady home a lady to be introduced already.

‘I know the relationship between my son, kidi and TV3’s anchor, Anita Akuffo is a normal one because they were once class mates, there is nothing fishy going on between both of them and moreover my son has already brought a girl home to be introduced a his fiancee” – Kidi’s mum confirmed.

Watch video of Kidi’s mum speaking on phone with Abeiku Santa on Okay FM.

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