9 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide At Afful Nkwata

9 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide At Afful Nkwata

Christian Bobie Ansah, a nine-year-old boy who attends school at New age International School has committed suicide over rehearsing suicide act from watching the recent suicide committed by Liticia Pinamang.

The nine year old boy who is now in class three, was suspected to be rehearsing the suicide act as a play but did not know that it may result in his death.

At times, children can be very curious and may love to know, explore and experience many things they have little or no idea about.

It was said, that the little boy was playing without any proper supervision from his parents or guardians.

According to reports, the guy was left alone in the house as both parents left very early in the morning to their various workplaces.

The little boy’s mother explained that they watched pictures of the recent trending suicide news which was about Liticia Pinamang so perhaps the guy was trying to rehearse the concept as a play the following day.

The young bereaved boy has been carried to the hospital whiles the Afful Nkwata Ghana Police Service are still carrying out massive investigations.

We must all pay special attention to our kids and never leave alone to do things on their own since they can mess up at with anything.

On behalf of the entire team and our cherished readers, we express our condolences to the bereaved family.

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