I Still Hold Issues With Kuami Eugene For Using My Lyrics Without Informing Me

I Still Hold Issues With Kuami Eugene For Using My Lyrics Without My Informing Me

Ghanaian highlife musician Anamon has confessed that he still holds issues against Lynx Entertainment musician Kuami Eugene for using some of his lyrics in his song titled “Open gate”

According to Anamon, the management of Kuami Eugene has come to speak and sort everything out amicably with him but he is still not satisfied.

Anamon revealed that, he spent many sleepless night writing that song and he feels cheated when someone uses just one night to take that lyrics and use in his song without informing him.

He sent a strong advice to Kuami Eugene that he should spend sleepless night and write better songs and stop taking people’s lyrics without permission.

“Your music will quickly fade away if you keep on taking other people’s lyrics, I think Kuami Eugene is a young guy who will do very well that what he is doing currently if he stops taking people’s lyrics, though his management has spoken amicably with me after I got angry with him for taking my lyrics without informing me, I’m still not satisfied with him.” – Anamon said.

Anamon made all these statements when he visited Agyapa TV on Saturday, May 22, 2021, to promote his new song which he released on Friday, May 21, 2021.

The popular highlife musician explained that, the Ghana Music Industry does not have the concept provided to support Ghanaian musicians, so it very painful when you work hard on your own without any support and another person from nowhere comes to take the lyrics without permission.

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