Date Rush, Fatimah Finally Get A Date

Date Rush, Fatimah Finally Get A Date.

The oldest female contestant on TV3’s Date Rush, Fatimah has finally secured a date on the recent edition of Date Rush season 5, episode 6.

The young dancehall artist has been on the show since season one and has struggled in getting a date since the beginning of the first season.

Due to her long time spent on the show, she has become very famous and acquired a lot of attention on her various social media platforms.

Fatima, “the girls them boss” as she calls herself is always one of the ladies who will criticize a guy and turn of her rush with the little mistake she finds in a guy.

As an upcoming musician, she always loves to sing on the show at any time she sees a guy whom she thinks her heart beats for.

After experiencing several heartbreaking moments, Fatima has finally secured a date on a day which no one was expecting.

“The girl them boss” which is her slogan has been made very popular as Giovani Caleb, the program host never stopped calling her by that name.
She was also fond of dressing in a style that will attract attention from the studio audience and the viewers at large.

Fatima Finally Gets A Date
Fatima Finally Gets A Date

It was obvious that Fatimah could not hold her happiness when he was chosen by a young male Entertainment Presenter called Bismark.

We hope their relationship turns out to be a happy one. Wish you well Fatima.

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