Former Prez. Kuffuor Reveals Reasons Behind The Behaviour Of Ghanaians

Former Prez. Kuffuor Reveals Reasons Behind The Behaviour Of Ghanaians.

His Excellency Vice President John Agyekum Kuffour has revealed the secret following the character of Ghanaians.

Speaking on Kofi TV which was monitored by Ghana’s credible website, the 8 years President took time to explain to details the reason following the way Ghanaians act.

President Kuffour started by saying Ghanaians are rebellious due to pre – independence experiences.

He stated that “for the fear of history repeating itself, Ghanaians build up defences”

The former President who won the election 2000 on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party explained that the rebellious nature of Ghanaians is one of the side effects we have obtained from the long lasting colonization and bitter slave trade.

He added that, the stubbornness if Ghanaians is a result of evolution, Ghanaians were forced by the whites to to surrender to their will, the chiefs who didn’t understand the impact of tgat decision made it happen.

Prez. Kuffuor concluded that, despite the uncouth behavior of Ghanaians thay are homely and distinct as compared to many countries.

“Ghanaians are unique, as compared to other citizens from different countries, we are homely and distinct” – Prez. Kuffour said.

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