Dag Heward Mills allegedly hit hard on Otumfuo, social media users react

Dag Heward Mills allegedly hit hard on Otumfuo, social media users react

A video peddling on social media, captures the leader and Founder of the Light House Chapel International Bishop Dag Herward Mills allegedly attacking Asantehene, Otumfuo Osie TuTu II.

In the viral video, Bishop Dag Heward Mills is heard accusing Otumfuo Osei Tutu for engaging in self glorification whiles his compatriot Kings elsewhere impact the lives of their subjects.

According to the video, the leader and founder of the Light House Chapel said Otumfuo receives praise for things which in his wisdom, are of no value.

He explained that, as an influential member of the society, the Asantehene is supposed to impact lives and also be s source of national development but that seems not be part of his agenda.

He said “If Otumfuo or whoever is there claims he is the real king of the Ashanti’s. Then he should be able to impact lives of his people and also be s major source f national development”.

He furtherly, lamented that, King Solomon built a big temple for God during his reign and it has ever since been recognized till now.

” But considering Otumfuo, he has not done anything. He gas not contributed or done anything which we can use to remember him in his absence.

This comments made by Bishop Dag Heward Mills, the leader and founder of the Lighthouse Chapel has triggered a lot of social media users to comment and share their opinions towards this issue.

On social media, a lot of people have been siding with what the man of God whilst others too are speaking Otumfo

What is opinion about this issue too. Do you agree with Bishop Dag Heward Mills or you think Otumfuo has done very well.

Keep the comments coming…love u

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