Funny Face and Abena Korkor’s chat gets leaked. Look at it now.

Screenshots of the messages exchanged between Ghana’s comedian and actor, Funny Face and formal TV3 staff, Abebna korkor have been circulating on social media which has gotten a strong attention from the public.

It’s been few days that Funny Face confessed in a self – recorded video that his name will appear in Abena Korkor’s list should she have another relapse.

Funny Face revealed that though he would have accepted to sleep with the formal TV3 presenter had offered herself to him.

In series of screened shot pictures, funny face has been seen chatting Abena Korkor on Instagram.

This chat reads the sweet words that both people have been sending each other in the day and night.

I the chat, you could read that, funny face was offering help and so many opportunities to Abena Korkor in orders to win her heart and mind.

Seer Janeral

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