Its Only Poor Men Who Are Found In The Kitchen Helping Out Their Ladies

Its Only Poor Men Who Are Found In The Kitchen Helping Out Their Ladies.

Sarkodie, Ghanaian rapper and hipop artist, born Micheal Owusu Addo on July 10, 1985 has made a statement that men who are mostly found in the kitchen helping out their ladies and trying to show them how caring and romantic they are through assisting them in the kitchen are mostly poor.

Sarkodie went further that, since you are a broke man, you can not afford expensive luxurious things for your lady, so they only cheaper way you can impress her is to assist her in the kitchen or help her do her domestic work.

Sarkodie emphasized that, rich men are always busily working hard to make money and maintain being on top of their work, so they make more money to be able to afford expensive luxurious items for their ladies in oder to impress them.

Moreover, rich men are always able to provide their ladies with whatever they ask for, so their ladies do not get affected if they do not assist them in the kitchen or help them do any domestic work.

Sarkodie, the BET award winner, made this statement in his verse on Sista Afia’s new song titled “Sika”.

In his, verse, he made a statement that ” what would a fully grown man be doing in the kitchen if not for poverty.

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Sarkodie’s statement has generated a lot of reactions from social media users and other media houses in the country and beyond.

Though, what he said is a very controversial statement but you can not condemn someone’s opinion.

What is your opinion about this statement, do you agree with sarkodie or you do not.

Please keep your comments coming by writing in the reply box below this article. Thank you.

Its Only Poor Men Who Are Found In The Kitchen Helping Out Their Ladies

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