Police Fight Aggressively With Trotro Mate, Watch the video.

Police Fight Aggressively With Trotro Mate, Watch the video.

A video going viral on social media shows a police officer in his uniform fighting a the mate or conductor of a trotro car.

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According to sources, the police man wanted to board or join the trotro car with the intention of not paying for the transportation fee.

But the driver and his mate told him that they are not going to offer a free sevice to him, which mean has to pay for the transportation fee.

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The policeman tried to convince the driver and his mate by telling them that he is a government staff in uniform and therefore he has to be offered a free transportation service to his destination.

After, the police man said that, the driver and his mate replied that, the government has no pity on the poor and always increasing the prices of goods so were are also not going to spare you. We will take transportation fee from you.

The responds from the driver and his mate did not sound well in the ear drums of the police officer. He started insulting them and pouring all sort of abusive words on them.
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As the insult got worse, the driver and his mate got furious and also retaliated and the verbal fight turned to physical fight.

Heavy blows was exchanged between the police officer and the trotro mate. The people around tried to stop them but they would not listen.

They fought brutally to the mate got all his clothing tattered.

It was so sad to see a police officer fighting a trotro mate in public like he has gotten a thief whom he wants to arrest.

It is always said that the police is our friend but as for this one, hmmm..very sad.

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