Female teacher remanded for assaulting pregnant colleague in Western Region

Female teacher remanded for assaulting pregnant colleague in Western Region.

A female trained teacher has been remanded into police cells for two weeks by the Takoradi Circuit Court on Wednesday, June 23, 2024 over charge of threat and assault on a colleague female trained teacher.

Madam Jamilatu Mohammed who was reported as the accused person is a female trained teacher who teaches at the Aboadze Islamic JHS in the Shama District of the Western Region.

According to reports, she has been remanded into prison custody for two weeks and has been asked to reappear at the Takoradi Circuit Court on July 7, 2021 for final judgement.

The judge who presided over the case, Judge Abigail Anima Asare, expressed her sincere worry over the fact that the complainant who was reportedly assaulted happens to be a pregnant woman.

She also stressed that, as both the complainant and the defendant are two female teachers whom school children look up to, what moral lesson are the school children going to learn from them when they behave in such offensive manners.

According to sources received by, Madam Jamilatu, the accused, is a social studies teacher who had a little misunderstanding with the English teacher who is six months pregnant.

The misunderstanding was not controlled and so it graduated to a very big fight which Madam Jamilatu, the Social Studies teacher beat up the English teacher mercilessly, not even considering her for being pregnant.

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