Efia Odo released from Police custody

Efia Odo released from Police custody.

Actress Efia Odo has been released from Police custody after being arrested in the morning on Friday, June 25 2021.

After most Ghanaians especially the celebrities demanded for her release, she has finally been freed from police custody.

Following her arrest, a lot of Ghanaian celebrities, took to their social media handles and wrote on their wall with harshtags – #FreeEfiaOdo.

The originator of the #FixTheCountry campaign, Kalyx also posted posted #FixTheCountry on his wall to show his concerns about Efia Odo”s arrest.

In a tweet after her release, the young Ghanaian actress tweeted that, “Little bruises on the way to fix country”

She continued that, she was inside the courtroom when the judge called for a break that they should all come back at1:30 pm to get our final verdict.

A lot of her fellow campaigners were outside the courtroom to support them and so when she came outside and saw them in their numbers, she decided to snap pictures with them.

In the course if taking the pictures with the people who have come around, three policemen with guns suddenly came and arrested me as if i am a criminal.

Efia Odo and 15 other leaders of the #FixTheCountry campaign were arrested by the police after a court hearing on if they should be allowed to organise their demonstration.

MP pulls a gun during a live TV debate; Watch video now.

Ghanaians demand Efia Odo’s release from Police custody

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