MP pulls a gun during a live TV debate; Watch video now.

MP pulls a gun during a live TV debate; Watch video now.

Reports received from the Jordan Police Service indicates that Jordanian MP is being investigated after pulling a gun on his opponent in a live TV talkshow.

This incidence occurred on Thursday, July 24, 2021 when MohammedShawabkra and Mansour Sayfal Din Murad who are both MP’s from different political parties were debating on a private Jordanian Josat satellite TV station.

According to reports, they were debating on Syria’s uprising. As the two intellectuals raised several strong points against each other in the process of the interview, the debate became hotter and aggressive.

MP pulls a gun during a live TV debate; Watch video now.
MP pulls a gun during a live TV debate; Watch video now.

At a certain point, the host of the debate could not control both guys when they all started throwing all sort of offensive words against each other.

At a point, Mohammed Shawabka pulled out a gun from his pocket and pointed it on the Ex – Deputy, Mansour Sayfal – Din Murad for calling him a “mafia thief”

After the whole incidence, Mansour Sayfal Din Murad, who was held at gun point, spoke to the media and these is what he said “He was going to shoot me and he should be punished for that”

According to him, he thinks Mohammed Shawbka should be severely pubished for attempting to kill him in the sight of the whole country as he pointed a gun on him during a debate on a national television.

Mansour Sayfal – Din Murad is an outspoken activist affiliated with Arab nationalist groups who supports what they consider to be strian President Bashar Assad’s defiance of West.

According to him, Mohammed Shawbka accused him of being a soy for Syrian President Bashar Al – Assad’s regime.

MP pulls a gun in a live TV debate

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