Date Rush; Ali drops Shemima on the ground after after trying to raise her

One of the most interesting partners on Date Rush is Ali and Shemima. Issues about this couples on TV3 Date Rush has always been fuuny.

Ali is a very young boy, who is slim and short, his date, Shemima is also a a very fat and tall lady who is obviously older than Ali.

But since age is just a number when it comes to love affairs, these two amazing persons have tied their love together in such a beautiful manner.

On the recent episode of Date Rush season 6, which was aired on Sunday, July 27, 2021, all the guys who had a date, were given the opportunity to appear on the show with their date and give reports about how their relationship is going so far.

Many couples appeared on the show by coming on stage with different dancing styles, others expressed their anger by not dancing with their partners.

The funny moment was that, Ali and his date Shemima appeared beautifully on the stage with a very romantic dancing style accompanied by a slow or cool music.

After, they finished dancing and were supposed to go and sit down, Ali tried to raise up or carry up Shemima. But the funny thing was that, Ali was not successful in the action.

He ended by dropping Shemima on the ground, which became a funny accident for the night.

See pictures and videos below.

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