DATE RUSH; Ghana girls, leave Immah for me please, he is mine – Fremah of TV3 Date Rush

DATE RUSH; Ghana girls, leave Immah for me please, he is mine – Fremah of TV3 Date Rush.

Date rush has been one of the most trending reality shows in the country so far.

Most of the youth in the country, especially the females are always found busily watching this program from one episode to another.

Date Rush is a reality show produced by Adesa Productions Limited, a production Company established by TV3 with the motive of producing reality shows, entertainment programs and every other programs and more.

Date Rush is one of the best reality shows produced by Adesa Productions Limited.

It us a program, which was organized with the aim of helping people to find true love.

The show gives an opportunity for a male to select one female he likes, out of about ten females, after a male selects one female out of ten, he sends her on a date, starts friendship with her and works very hard for the friendship to grow into a relationship leading to marriage.

The recent episode of Date Rush, which was aired live on TV3, was a re- union program which gives opportunity for every guy to appear on screens with her partner and give report of how far their relationship is going.


Many of the guys appeared on the program with their partners, but it was very sad to hear very painful reports from each other.

A lot of the guys have taken the ladies for granted by not showing them true love and a lot of the ladies too are going out with different guys whom they met during the show.

One the recent reunion episode which was aired on TV3, One beautiful lady who goes by the name, Fremah, appeared on the show with her partner, Immah.

According to Fremah, a lot of Ghana girls are disturbing her guy, Immah, which is making the guy not to give her the maximum attention she deserves.

Fremah explained that, the most painful parts of the whole issue is that, most of the ladies who are disturbing her guy, trying to seduce him are her fellow ladies whom she met on the Date Rush Show.

Fremah confessed that, even one one of the the lady’s father gave Immah some amount of money to take her daughter out on a date.

Is that not too serious, just imagine, a father giving money to a man for him to his daughter out in a date. Fantastic!

Aside all these reports, there were other reports that, Immah who is Fremah’s date on the TV3 Date Ruch show has been following and messaging Bella on all social media platforms.


She has gone to a pool party with Bella, where pictures of them swimming in a pool and having fun circulated on social media.

But with Frema, who is even his date, he has never taken her out on a date or taken her to any special place to have fun.

After all these reports, Fremah concluded by sending a strong alarming message to all Ghanaian ladies, she said “Ghana girls, leave Immah for me alone please, he is mine.

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