Nurses run for their lives at the Pantang Hospital, See why

Nurses run for their lives at the Pantang Hospital, See why.

Information reaching tells it that Land guards terrorizing the the residents of the Eastern wing of the Pantang Hospital has increased their actions against the residents in the hospital bungalow.

Speaking to the media, one of the residents revealed that, the land guards chased one potential land lord until he sought out refuge at the Pantang Hospital.

After the land guards detected that tge land lord has gone to seek refuge at the Patang Hospital, they did not enter the hospital but frightened all the people in the hospital by giving several warning shots.

The sounds from these warning shots made all the people in the hospital run away, thinking that the land guards may enter and harm them.

According sources, the land lord who was chased by the land guards had visited the area to check up on his workers who were working on his plot.

On Monday, June 28, the nurses and other staff of the hospital boycotted their duties with the fear of loosing their precious lives.

According to a senior Physician Assistant at the Pantang Hospital, the nurses and most of the workers are fleeing for their lives.

He narrated that, they all came to the Pantang Hospital to work not to loose their precious lives.

He explained further that, at times when the nurses are going home after work, they meet guys who hold them at gun points to surrender their phones and bags.

Two nurses, ho tried to prove stubborn have been stabbed with knives and their currently receiving medical treatment.

Most of the residents complained that, several petitions have been sent to the Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Interior but nothing has been done about it.

“The Minister of National Security assured us that he is going to work very hard in his capacity for something to be done concerning this issue, but for a month now, we have not heard anything from him yet” – A resident said.

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