Huawei sells cars now, check out their cars and its adorable features

Huawei sells cars now, check out their cars and its adorable features.

You have always known Huawei as a manufacturer and seller of quality cell phones and other quality electronic gadgets like television, laptops, and many more but these time around, trust me, you are about to hear a very surprising news about them.

This time around, the quality cell phones and electronic gadgets manufacturers have gone beyond expectations and imaginations. In fact know one ever thought they were going to come up with such a huge surprise.

Huawei announced on April 19, 2021 that, China’s automative company “SERES” has launched an extended range electric vehicle.

Huawei made this announcement on April 19, 2021 at the 19th Shangai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Huawei explained to detail that, the vehicles will be available in their Huwei flagship stores across China.

This announcement sounded like a very good music to the ear drums of many people around the globe. As a testimony to these, the Executive Director of the Consumer Business Group express his profound happiness.

“This exciting announcement sets a precedent for both the consumer electronics industry and the new energy vehicle industry” – Richard Yu, Executive Director.

Currently speaking, the vehicles (SERES SF5) are ready for sale and are available at various Huawei flagship stores across China.

Huawei is still working hard on making it available in their flagship rooms in other countries for all people around the globe to purchase their car, SERES SF5.


The Huawei car, SERES SF5, has a HiCar solution which enables users to seamlessly switch between their mobile phone applications to the car’s central control panel that enables access to music, navigations and more.

The vehicle also has a three dimensional surrounding sound audio system which consist of 11 sound units tuned by HUAWEI SOUND ®

Huawei’s new car, SERES SF5, has a vehicle – to – vehicle (V2V) rescue recharge mode which can provide emergency power to isolated vehicles.

SERES SF5 also provides vehicle – to – load (V2L) camping power supply mode. The front row is equipped with sporty and sophisticated seats with ventilated, massage and heating functions.

The vehicles twisting and bending strength meets five-star safety design standards with a body made robust and reliable ultra-high strength 1500 Mpa thermoformed steel.

These are some of the features of the SERES SF5 which makes it unique from other cars.

It will soon be available in your country so you can have an experience.

Congratulations Huawei!!!

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