Ghanaian woman jailed for 70 months in U.S for scamming

Ghanaian woman jailed for 70 months in U.S for scamming.

34 – year old Deborah Mensah, a beautiful Ghanaian woman has been jailed in the United States of America for 70 months in prison for her role play in scamming an elderly man.

According to report, Deborah Mensah pleaded guilty in the U.S court on April 2, 2021 for conspiring to commit money laundering or scam.

The case was presided by U.S District Judge Denise L. Cote who sentenced Madam Deborah Mensah for 70 months in jail after he pleaded guilty at the end of her trial.

A Manhattan US Attorney said Deborah Mensah was a member of an international criminal enterprise that stole millions of dollars from businesses and vulnerable individuals across the United States of America.

Having previously been extradited from Ghana, Deborah Mensah has finally been sentenced to a term in U.S prison for her crime.

The case was published on the U.S Department of Justice website which was sighted by that, Deborah Mensah was a member of a criminal enterprise which is known to be scamming people.

According to sources, Deborah Mensah and her criminal team conducted several scamming operations through series of business email compromises and romance scams against individuals and businesses in the United States of America

The main goal of their criminal team was to use email to fraud schemes which was to trick and deceive businesses into transferring funds into account controlled by the Enterprise.

Deborah Mensah and her team used a fake email account to send instructions to transfer money to certain bank accounts and also included fake authorization letters for money transfer that contained forged signatures of company employees.

By using this method, the criminal enterprise will be able to transfer millions of dollars to various bank accounts that the victims believed that they were under control of legitimate recipients.

They also conducted some romance scams by using electronic messages sent through email, text messaging, or online dating websites that and deceived many single old men and women.

According to the US Department of Justice, Deborah Mensah was sentenced with some of her colleagues in the criminal enterprise including Muftau Adamu who was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment, Tourey Ahmed Rufai who was sentenced to 48 months imprisonment.

Other colleagues who were sentenced were Prince Nana Aggrey who was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment and Assana Traore who was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

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