Kayaye women quench off fire at a police station in Accra

Kayaye women quench off fire at a police station in Accra.

The Kayeye women (potters) at the railway market in Accra have done such an amazing work which they deserve to be applauded.

Indeed, “unity is strength”, the potters who have been helping people carry their lagages on commercial purposes and are locally known as “Kayeye” were able to unite and put out fire at the Accra Railway Police Station.

According these “kayaye” women, when they saw the fire outbreak at the police station, they decided to call the Ghana National Fire Service to intervene, but it was so unfortunate that, they waited for a long time but they were not coming.

So at a point in time, the women realized that the Ghana National Fire Service have kept very long to arrive and the fire is getting more severe so they decided it was not worth it laying back and doing nothing.

Considering the situation, the fire was getting severe and if they should continue to sit down and wait for the Fire Service, a lot of properties will be destroyed.

So these kayaye women (potters) teamed up and started fetching sand and water into the fire until they were able to put the fire off.

They divided themselves into two groups which a group was fetching water with bucket on their heads whiles another group went to fetch sand to mix up with the water to put off the fire.

According to an eye witness who gave an account to, the police station was ablaze for more than an hour and half as of the time the team got there, the fire was too intense that, over ten persons who were in the cells had to be quickly whisked out.

When the Ghana National Fire Service finally arrived, the kayaye women (potters) have been able to put off the fire completely, the people who have gathered around hooted at them and sacked them to get back to their office.

Though the women were able to put off the fire, but the fire destroyed many properties at the police station such as furniture, books, electronic appliances, uniforms and many more.

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