Former Prez. John Mahama’s convoy knocks down a motor rider

Former Prez. John Mahama’s convoy knocks down a motor rider.

A very sad news hit former President John Dramani Mahams as one of the many motor bikes leading his convoy on a visit to Techiman in the Bono East Region.

According to reports, the motor rider who has been knocked down and left to coma was part of a group of okada riders who were organized by the Regional Executives of the National Democratic Congress.

The Executives of the National Democratic Congress organized these motor riders to lead Former Prez. Mahama to show that they still have love for them and has promised to legalise the use of motorbikes for commercial purposes if elected back into power.

The accident occurred at Akrofrom, a suburb of Techiman on the Techiman – Wenchi road in the Bono East Region.

The incidence occurred when a vibrant supporter of the National Democratic Congress who is popularly known as “Bento” was riding in the convoy at top speed and displaying his riding skills suddenly veered off the road.

After trying to get back to the right lane when he off the road, he list control of the motorbike and fell off the motorbike with his pillion rider who was identified as Nuhu.

They sustained severe injuries and could not even walk when they were lifted from the ground. One of them suffered a very deep cut on his forehead and went into coma.

Former President Mahama rushed to attend to the guys when the accident occured, he aked on of the guys who was among them to quickly remove the shirts of the two accident victims so they can breathe freely.

Former President John Mahama quickly ordered one of his assistant to call the National Ambulance Service to intervene and send the victims to the nearest hospital.

But unfortunately they could not get tge ambulance on time so they carried the two accident victims in a taxi to the Holy Trinity Hospital in Techiman.

Former President Mahama and his campaign team is yet to visit them at the hospital after it is reported that Nuhu has come out of coma.

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