14 – year – old boy losses his legs at a saw mill shop

14 – year – old boy losses his legs at a saw mill shop.

Collins Ampong, a 14 year old boy who attends Asankrabreman Catholic school in the Asankraguaa District has lost his legs at a saw mill shop.

According to reports, Collins Ampong who has sadly lost his legs visited a saw mill shop with his friend after they closed from school around 3pm on Monday, July 5, 2021.

When they arrived at the saw mill shop, the owner was in the room where he keeps the wood after working on it.

So Collins Ampong and his friend decided to go near the sawmill machine and operate it themselves instead of going to call the sawmill owner.

Without wasting much time, Collins Ampong went to stand on the saw mill machine which is being used to cut woods whiles his friend also operated the switch in order to turn the machine on.

After spending couple of minutes in trying to switch the machine on, his friend finally arrived on the switch button and turned on the machine successfully, forgetting that his friend is on the cutting point of the saw mill machine.

Immediately his friend switched on the machine, the saw mill machine chopped off the two legs of 14 – year old Collins Ampong causing him to run unconscious.

When the owner of the saw mill shop heard the sound if his saw mill machine, he noticed someone has entered his sawmill shop so he quickly rushed to the shop to check what was happening.

To his surprise, he found 14 – year old Collins Ampong lying down unconscious with his legs chopped off and his friend wailing on top of his voice.

With the help of some good neighbors, the young boy who has lost his legs was carried to Asankragua Catholic Hospital.

The Asankragua Catholic Hospital is urging on Non – Governmental Organizations, Corporate entities and kind persons to intervene financially in this incidence to enable the young boy come back to live.

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