The Youths of Ejura destroys Ashanti Regional Minister’s car

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei Mensah has been struck with a very sad news as the people of Ejura in the Ashanti Region destroys his car when he visited them in the town.

According to reports, Honourable Simon Osei Mensah visited the Ejura township to console them after loosing one of the leading protesters of theĀ  #fixthecountry campaign.

Another aim of his visit to the Ejura town was to go and talk to them and calm them down for them to stop the violence and cruel actions they are doing in the town following the shooting of three three inhabitants of the town by the Ghana arm forces.

Lastly, the Ashanti Regional Minister visited the Ejura town in the Ashanti Region to assure them that the Ghana Police Service is working in collaboration other National Security Agencies to make justice prevail and bring all perpetrators to book.

But it was quite unfortunate for the Minister, his driver and other colleagues who accompanied him.

As soon as the Minister got to the town and went to greet and console the bereaved family of Kaaka the leader #fixthecountry campaigner who lost his life through an attack from an unknown people who stabbed h,im the people in the town had their own plan.

After the minister sat in his car and decided to leave the house of the bereaved family, the youth in the area gathered on the road with heavy sticks and other weapons to attack the Minister and his people.

The attack was so strong and tough that, as the Minister’s car was moving, the youth in the area were hitting the car with heavy sticks, stones, and other dangerous materials.

The youths were so aggressive that, they broke the front and back wind screen of the Minister’s car, and damage other parts of the car.

The Minister decided to stop and calm them down but looking at the way the youths were so aggressive, he realised that if he should alight from the car, the people can hurt or even kill him.

So with courage, he drove through the crowd, not considering who will get hurt or knocked.

Click on the link to watch the video and see how the youth destroyed the ministers car.


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