Alleged: Trouble Looms The Church of Pentecost As Pastor’s Wife Gets Missing For Two Months Now.

A very pathetic incidence paddling around the globe from the office of the Church of Pentecost indicates that, one of their area Pastor’s wife has got missing for the past two months.

According to reports, the whole predicament started when Mrs. Emma Asante, the Pastor’s wife for Church of Pentecost, Tantra Hills branch took a french leave and did not return home in the evening.

Her husband, Pastor Asante, who married her about 17 years ago and the children did not worry too much that evening because they taught perhaps Mrs. Emma Asante has visited her mum or some of her relatives at her family house and would come back home late at night as usual.

But to their surprise, they woke up early the next day without seeing her return from where she went. Fear started gripping her family members after Pastor Asante called them one after the other to find out if she was with any of them but none of these family members knew her whereabouts.

As soon as the news was broken to some trusted church members, they also took to their hills to visit various church members in their houses check if Pastors wife has gone to any of the church members houses but all their efforts were to no avail.

The whole incident became so pathetic when Pator’s wife, Mrs Emma Asante was not found at any of the suspected places that her husband and children taught they could find her.

The most surprising part of the story is that, after three days, Osofo Maame, Mrs Emma Asante made couple of phone calls with some of her church members, assuring them that she is fine so they should not panic, but did not disclose her location.

As time time passed, days turned to weeks and weeks turned into months, it’s been two good months now, the Pastor’s wife had not returned to either her matrimonial home or her family house.

The only hope that her family members have is that whenever you call her on phone, she will pick up the call and assure you that she is fine at where she is, but would not disclose the location to you.

This has got the church and family members worried and thinking about what could have led to the unannounced departure of Pastor’s wife from her matrimonial home to an unknown location.

Maybe she wants to go spend some time at a new place to release stress or she wants to surprise her husband a bit, no she is being bullied in her marriage and wants to quit or none of the above mentioned.

Keep your comments coming by telling us what you think could have left to the Pastor’s wife unannounced departure.


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