A/R – Rev. Obofour visits Ashtown with some Kumawood Actors to empower the youth

Rev Obofour, Founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel has visited Ashtown in Kumasi with a section of some kumawood actors to empower the youth.

According to reports, the man of God held a program in the town to evangelize to the inhabitants of the town which he took the last day to empower the youth.

With the help of a section of some Kumawood actors like Papa Kumasi, Oboi Siki and many more, Rev Obofour ad iced the youth in the town to focus on hard work.


Rev. Obofour made it clear to them that, there is no short cut in life, anything that involves short cut is not legit so those who are seeking for a short and simple way to make it in life without hard work must be very care

He explained that, just as the Bible says “it is the blessing of the Lord that makes man rich and for labour he added not. They should not rely on anyone but God only.


It is only God who can bless them for them to become rich or who they want to be in the nearest future.

Rev. Obofour told the youth in Ashdown that, they should seek first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things may be added unto them.

He also spoke to the youth concerning violence speeches and actions that are going on in the country today. He at advised the youth not to engage in any act of violence.

But rather work hard and help build mother Ghana to be able to stand on its feet as a well developed nation and the gateway to Africa.

Rev.Obofour donated some amount of money to some of the youths especially the ladies who had no job and some children who also came to the gathering.

The program was climax by popular gospel artists and nation’s worshiper, Brother Sammy, who gingered the crowd with series of gospel music.


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