Breaking News; The Head of Ghana Statistical Service has been struck by stroke

Professor Samuel Kobbina Annin, the Head of Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has been struck by stroke during a live television program.

According to reports, he was addressing the public on the completion of the population and housing census which begun on June 13, 2021.

As sighted by, Professor Samuel Kobbina Annin was talking on a normal voice note at the beginning of his speech.

But after some time, he seemed to be dozing and also started sweating profusely. Due to the profuse sweat, he took a handkerchief out from his pocket and wiped his face in order to get rid of the sweat.

As time went on, he became mute, and started shivering on the spot, this made his assistants notice that all is not well with him so they quickly rushed to his aid.

The quick intervention from his assistants saved the day by preventing him from falling down accidentally which could have caused more health problems.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

Click to watch the video below to see how the Head of Ghana Statistical Service got struck by stroke.


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