My son has been satisfying me in bed, for a year now – Former Lesbian confesses

Former lesbian and actress, Benny has confirmed that she has been sleeping with her son for the past one year.

According to her, she was introduced to lesbianism by her school mother during the time she was at Senior High School and has lived her life as a lesbian for several years.

She confessed that, after completing senior high school, she furthered to Takoradi Polytecnic where she met a grand beautiful lesbian in level 200 and both of them tied the knot and started a relationship.

Benny explained that, her lesbian partners took good care of her, the name sure she doesn’t lack money, dresses, phones and any other things to make her happy.

After graduating from Takoradi Polytecnic, she wanted to be an actress so she went to seek for some produces and directors to help her but all of them turned her down.

But one day she met a very beautiful lady at a saloon who promised to link her to some main stream actors to help her if only she would accept her to date her as her lesbian partner.

With her past experience in lesbianism and being very desperate to become an actress, she agreed to the terms and conditions of the woman to help her to be an actress and practice lesbiansm with her in return.

But this agreement turned to a big fight after she realized that, the woman and other two main stream Ghanaian actresses have been practicing lesbianism with her without helping us promised.

So she quited sleeping with them and went to cater for her ill grandfather who has been bedridden or couple of years now.

According to Benny, when she got to her uncle’s house and observed the critical condition of his uncle, she realized that she has to repent. She had a change of mind and decided to stop every lesbiansm related activities.

From that time onwards, repented Bennie abstained from lesbianism and involved her self into male and female relationships.

But a problem she said she used to face is the guys whom she has been meeting in the male and female relationship has not been making her happy like the girls she has been practicing lesbianism with.

According to Benny, the guys do not cater for her well, they do not give her money, buy her phone and afford all other expensive luxuries for her.

To add salt to injuries, the guys who she dated used to give her a lot of unnecessary pressure which makes her not to be able to complete education

Due to the pressure and bully from her guys, she quoted dating the guys and decided to stay alone.

As a Nigerian man will say ” Body no be fire wood”.  After staying alone for several months her bond has been longing for pleasure.

So she complained to her son and her son agreed to satisfy her in bed any time she feels for pleasure.

She said “I have been having bedroom enjoyment with my son. He is very good, he is always able to satisfy me but I can’t continue doing that with him because he is my son”

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