Sell all the properties you got from your sugar dady’s to convince us that you have genuinely repeated – Kelvin tailor slums Moesha Budoung

Ace Radio presenter, Kelvin Taylor have sent a strong message to Ghanaian actress and Model, Moesha Boudong over her repentance message.

According to the popular presenter, he does not believe Morsha has genuinely repented. He said he strongly believe that Moesha is just making fun and deceiving to the general public.

He threw a challenge to Moesha Budoung that, if she says she has genuinely repented the she should sell or return all the properties she got from dating people’s husbands.

Kelvin Taylor stressed that, Moesha Budoug should return the cars, houses, I-phones and other valuables she had from sleeping with people’s husbands to prove that she has indeed, repented.

Jesus told Nicodemus to return every belonging which he had by using an indecent procedure so Moesha Budoung must also do the same thing if she claims she has repented.

She must return all the houses, expensive phones and cars you had by sleeping with people’s husbsnd.

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