4 dead in a fatal accident at Afoakwa junction near Jacobu on the Kumasi – Obuasi Highway

A fatal accident that has happened at Afoakwa junction near Jacobu on the Kumasi – Obuasi Highway has led to the untimely death of four people.

The accident occurred on July 17, 2021 at around 9 am GMT at Afoakwa junction near Jacobu on the Kumasi – Obuasi highway and involved a Toyata Tundra,  taxi, and two TD vehicles.

According to reports, the Toyota Tundra with the registration number AS – 4275 – 21 was traveling from Kumasi to Obuasi and accidentally collided head – on with a taxi with the registration number GX – 1910 – 13 which was coming from Atobiase and crossed the road without observing without observing from the opposite direction.

When the two cars collided, the Tundra turned and crushed with the two TD vehicles with one registered as GT – 1278 – 17  and other  AS 8437 – 14.

According to sources, the driver and one of the passengers died on the spot, two passengers in the TD also died on the spot.

Most of the residents are complaining that they have been asking authorities to fix a traffic light at that particular junction where the accident happened because this is not the only crucial accident that has happened over there.

But the most painful issue is that, authorities have kept deaf ears on the traffic light request.

With the unmeasurable efforts from the Ghana Police Service, the accident cars has been towed from the road to enable free flow of traffic.

We must be very careful when driving and also obey road signs and moreover limit the speed when driving.

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