1 Million dollar cheque gift to my daughter from her friends was an act of faith – Rev. Sam Korankye

Founder and leader of the Royal House Cathedral, Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah has cleared the air on viral issues concerning her daughter’s wedding especially about the 1 million dollar cheque gift she received from her friends.

According to Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the 1 million dollar cheque gift to his daughter on her wedding day was an act of faith and nothing else as the public is insinuating.

Moreover, he was not the one who gifted his daughter with that check like how the public is saying all over the country and beyond, that ” Rev. Samuel Korankye Ankrah has has given a 1 million cheque gift to her daughter as a gift for her wedding.

According to Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the 1 million dollar cheque gift was given to her daughter from a group in the Royal House Cathedral called “2ND Generation”.

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah explained that, the “2ND Genration Group” is a reputable group in the church that consist of young people who just completed their tertiary education and are set for work.

It is a group of young adults who have just begun life afresh and are willing to achieve a great mission on earth and also influence the lives of the people in the country positively.

The man of God explained that, but the cheque was not a real cheque but it was an act of faith that the 2ND Generation group did to show that in few years to come, they are going to present such cheques to people on special occasions.

He explained to detail that, he knew the cheque was not real but as a Prophet and a father of the whole Royal House Cathedral, he did not want to reveal or classify it to be fake because he did not want to discourage the vision of the 2ND Generation Group.

“I am always careful of the words I choose whenever I am talking about the 1 million dollar cheque gift to my daughter from her friend. As a father and a prophet, I do not want to bring down the enthusiasm, zeal and the faith of the young people trying to display their motive of giving huge cheques in the nearby future, that is why I did not describe it as fake, fun or joke” Rev. Sam Korankye said.

Apodtle – General, Rev, Sam Korankye Ankrau concluded that, he is not bored by the reaction of some social media users who are claiming he has given a cheque of 1 million dollar to her daughter as a gift for her wedding.

He stated that, this shoes that in the near future he will be able to give such an amount as gifts to people during their weddings and other special occasions.

Rev. Sam Korankye of the Royal House Cathedral held a great wedding ceremony to tie the knot between his daughter, Naa Dromo and a handsome gentleman some few weeks ago.

Their wedding ceremony went viral on social media following a 1 million dollar cheque which was given to Naa Dromo by her friends.

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrau claims the cheque is not a real one.

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