Five Secretes Your Pastor May Be Hiding From You

Five Secretes Your Pastor May Be Hiding From You.

Pastors are our leader in the church. They lead us to worship the Lord and also serve us our teachers in the church.

Every church has it’s own way of raising pastors and giving them names according to their church doctrine. For example: Catholics call their pastors as Father, Methodists call them Reverend and so on.

We believe in our pastors a lot, we trust them to the extent that we can open up on every issue about us to them.

Mostly when we have problems in our businesses, marriages and schools we normally rush to our pastors to seek for solution.

At times, we even go to the extent of going to pastors office to confess our since to them even though they are not Jesus Christ.

But we trust and confined in them that, when we confess our since to them they may help us plead with God to forgive us. We also run to them to confess our since so that it may reduce our guilty quotient.

Your pastor knows everything about you but ask your self, do you know everything about your pastor?

You should bear in mind that it’s not everything that your pastor will let you know. There are so many things your pastor is keeping away from you in order to keep his dignity and trust you have for him.

You may not agree with me for now, but after reading the evidence below, you will give me a round of applause.

Here are five secretes your pastor may be hiding from you:

1. Marital issues: Unlike the way you rush to tell your pastor about problems you facing in your marriage your pastor does not come to tell you his or her marital problem. At times you will be shocked to know that your pastor may be going through a very serious marital problem which may even be greater than yours, but he or she will keep it to herself and smile as if nothing is happening.

2. Age: Be very truthful in your comment. Do you know your pastor’s age. It is not very common to know your pastors age unless you are very closer to that pastor.

3. His Financial status: Oh God have mercy!  A church member can run to a pastor and complain of his or her financial challenges but a but would never tell you his even if his own is worse.  For example, a woman can visit her pastor and tell the pastor to pray for her because she is going through very severe financial challenges and the pastor will diligently pray for her, meanwhile, the pastor might be going through a financial challenge which is even worse than that of the woman but he would not tell.

4. Health issues: You may never hear of your pastors health condition until it becomes worse or he or she dies. At times a pastor may be sick and has to quit church on Sunday in order to relax and regain some strength. But the amazing thing is that the elders of the church would never come to make announcement that he is sick, they will rather come and give some funny excuses like, pastor has traveled or pastor has gone for a meeting.

5. Crush:  Just as you see someone who is your opposite sex and admire or have a crush on him or her, that the same way our pastors also experience. But since they are pastors or married, they have to just ignore it. Yes, they have been crushing on some of the church members. Don’t be surprised, they are also human beings like us.

6. They have fears: Our pastors have been encouraging us to be bold, they always tell us the spirit of fear should not be tolerated. They talk magically to instill confidence in us as if they fear nothing, trust me, that is not it. They also have their fears to deal with. Just that, they would not let you know.


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