Headmaster beats student mercilessly over school cardigan

Mary Gabriel Amoako, an 18 year old student of of Jachie Pramso Senior High is reported to have been mercilessly beaten by the headmaster of her school over a cardigan.

As reported by The Chronicle newspaper, the severe strokes of lashes the student received from her headmaster on Thursday, September 2, 2021 has caused bruises and cuts on her back and shoulders.

According to the grandfather of the girl, the headmaster gave the final year student several strokes of canes because she offered her cardigan to another colleague.

Me Kwabena Ofosu, the grandfather of the assaulted student explained to detail that, the headmaster had already seized the cardigan if one of the students because he was not wearing a school uniform.

This left the student to be bare-chested and in solidarity with him, the colleagues of that student pleaded with him to release Mary’s cardigan to the boy until he is able to get a school uniform.

Later in the afternoon, the headmaster saw the boy in another cardigan, he got furious and asked who’s cardigan he was wearing but the boy would not answer.

Following the boy’s hesitation to answer or disclose to the headmaster concerning  where he got the cardigan,  the headmaster summoned all the students to inquire about who help the boy in getting a cardigan.

The headmaster then threatened to punish all of them if they do not point out the one who aid the boy with another cardigan. Fearing they might be punished, a boy pointed at Mary, which made the rest of the students to be freed.

The headmaster then asked Mary to hold the pillar and best her back with a cane until she sustained severe bruises. The student then reported the issue to her parents who later logged a complain at the police station.

Reports from the Ghana Police Service indicates that, the girl could not fill out the police medical form which was given to her due to the severe pains she was going through.

The police are busily investigating underway to get to the bottom of the matter.

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