Chaos Broke Out At Tema Port Over Death Of Colleague

Chaos Broke Out At Tema Port Over Death Of Colleague.

Witnesses said in an interview with Citi News that colleagues began to protest this development, especially because they have been informing the management that because the work there is very risky, it is necessary to equip a spare ambulance in the yard.
That part is the thin line of life and death, and there must be an ambulance parked 24/7 so that in the event of such an incident, the ambulance can transport the person.
“We have discussed this issue about ambulances, but they have fallen on deaf ears. The workers were angry because the ambulance did not show up,” – witness said.
Mr. Ayitey, an eye witness and a worker at the port said that during the protest, some armed police came in and started shooting at the protesters. In the process, some of them were injured, including one who was shot in the eye, most of which were rubber bullets.
“Management called for police and when they came, they shot into the crowd. They were about six officers. They were shooting directly at the crowd. One person had his eyeshot and the other, the back.”
Currently, the situation in the port is said to have normalized, but soldiers have been invited to monitor and protect the port and its infrastructure.

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