I’m 25 and in love with a 16 – year old guy, need urgent advice

I’m 25 and in love with a 16 – year old guy, need urgent advice.

Social rules do affect how a country treats its people. I am a dedicated woman who refuses to succumb to outside pressure.

Since I married the wrong person, my life has become more difficult. My stepmother and I got along very well when I was young and now live with her at home.

We had a great time when one of my closest friends visited regularly. Many young women like him because he is such a handsome young man. We become closer as friends, so some people thought we were relatives.

Because we are too far apart, I have no reason to care about him. But one day, when I was cutting vegetables for dinner, he came over, gave me a letter, and ran to his house.

When I finished cooking, there was a wrapped love letter waiting for me, I didn’t know what it was. Because I have never had such a deep attachment to anyone, I decided to suppress my feelings for him.

Because of his ruthless nagging, I finally succumbed. Simply put, he is a softhearted person. We agreed to keep our contact confidential because he is 16 and I am 25 to protect his privacy.

We are no longer together because I want to be a teacher in Winneba. When I was in high school, I agreed to marry a charming boy I knew. As soon as we graduated from high school, we got married and started our own business under our last name.

We exchanged phone numbers immediately after meeting in the mall. We spent a lot of time recalling the past. My spouse is a handsome man and never let me down, but I started to think it was a mistake to marry him.

My ex-boyfriend and I got married after meeting in the mall and have two children, but my husband thinks he is the biological father of one of the children but he’s not.

Currently, I’m in love with this young boy despite he’s 16 and I am 25. We make love have a mutual connection and I think I have now met my soul mate.


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