Do not be scared to spend every Politician’s money when they approach you – Abeiku tells Sefa

Ace radio and television broadcaster, Abeiku Aggrey Santana has advised the Echoke hit maker, Sefa to be courageous to spend the monies of every politician who approaches her.

In an interview on his popular drive time show on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Abeiku Santana hosted choke hitmaker Sefadzi Abena Amesu, popularly known as Sefa.

In the interview, Sefa narrated how she had hustled and toiled from studio to studio and from one producer to the other before meeting her current label, Black Avenue Music, who supported her in coming into the lime light.

She also explained that, her mum has been her source of inspiration from her childhood till date and has never engaged in any music project without the consent of her mum.

Sefa used the opportunity to narrate a sadden incidence that once happened in her life and really affected her to the deepest. This is when she went to audition for Vodafone Icon and was sacked by the judges.

There was a time I thought I would never make it to the limelight in the Ghanaian music industry, I had this thought when I went to audition for the Vodafone Icon reality show and got sacked by the judges who claimed I am not good to compete in the show.

Talking about her relationship life, Sefa said he wished he had found love before turning into a popular Ghanaian songstress. She confessed her fears of running into the hands of a wrong man who may not truly love her but would pretend to be, due to how famous she is.

She confessed that she is currently not having a boy lover or engaged in any relationship, though there have been a couple of guys who have approached her to show their interest in her she still wants to take her time and examine things very well before indulging in any relationship.

Abeiku Santana, of Okay FM, admired her beauty and asked her if the guys who have proposed to her her are politicians. According to Abeiku Santana, a lot of politicians would love to have an affair with Sefa, due to her good given goodies at back, dimples, charming eyes, pointed nose and angelic voice.

Abeiku Aggrey Santana advised her to be bold to spend the monies of every politician who may come her way with a proposal of having an affair with her.

The ace radio and television presenter, Abeiku Aggrey Santana explained further that, Sefa should never be scared to spend the money of politicians because those monies are tax payers monies.

Sefa also spoke about his new single which she featured popular Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie. She revealed that, she has sent a lot of songs to sarkodie but Sarkodie replied to none of them until she sent this new one which he replied to after 48 hours.

Sefa is a beautiful and talented Ghanaian musician who came into the Ghanaian music industry a few years ago but have made a lot of hits through her banging song “Echoke” which he featured Mr. Drew.

Currently, she has released a new hit song titled “Fever” which features Sarkodie and Dj Tira. Her dream is to become one of the most successful female musicians in Ghana.

Click here to watch full video of Sefa speaking with Abeiku, live on Okay FM.

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