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Knowledge is key and when people come together – they join forces – Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye

Knowledge is key and when people come together, they join forces, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye

Housing is one aspect of a nations development that cannot be overemphasized. The citizens ability to afford decent and value for money accommodations drives the growth of the nation since individuals have a certain peace and stability to go about their endeavors.

Speaking to Real Estate Times Africa on the side-lines of the 2021 Africa Real Estate Conference and Expo, Dr .Michael Boadi Nyamekye said every sector, structure or units of societal development will be saddled with problem. However, problems themselves do not break people, it is the ability to overcome the problems that matters.

The economy of Ghana is a striving one, it is as though we are there but are not really there especially when comes to issues of regulations. It is our ability to handle and manage these challenges that gives us the way up. As we forge forward, all these things will come together and also, we have to bear in mind that we have to start from somewhere to build on our gains.

Knowledge is key and when people come together, they join forces, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye

According to Him, national and societal development is pivoted on the knowledge and technological exposure an individual or group of individuals are exposed to. “Knowledge is key and when people come together, they join forces. You are able to learn from me while I learn from you also. We complement our weakness through shared knowledge.

Therefore, coming under an umbrella such as GREPA, industry players can move in the same direction to help build a formidable force”. The overall development of a nation is tied up to their ability to drive the housing and
infrastructure sector to a point where all the factors of a nations development can be
connected together to produce growth.

Finally, we have to constantly reinvent and be innovate enough to meet the demands of our
time and the market respectively. If building with bricks and mortar is expensive which hinders
the low-income earner to acquire an affordable housing unit, why don’t we look at building
with other quality but low pricing building materials that makes homes affordable said Dr.
Boadi Nyamekye.

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